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Kapital would have been with a “C” as in “Capital” but since I am a King I had used a “K” instead but also “Capital” is already taken (Laugh).

Kapital City Blog was created because of my obsession for the internet and how people setup shop online as in websites, blogs, cellphone apps, online videos, different kinds of software and games etc and by doing so, they are generating constant revenue daily before and after leaving their computers or cellphones. They are accumulating and generating capital to expand their business and do bigger things. As such “CAPITAL” is the key that others have to raise on their own, crowd-fund or take out a loan from some kind of banking institution to start a business of their own.

These lives people are living are so inspiring and beneficial to a person like me that wants to get away from working for other people and travel while my online product or cellphone app is generating income for me daily. Many persons are generating thousands of dollars every day from their website, blog or cellphone app and making from 30K to 100K monthly, just from the advertisements displaying on their product. Hopefully, through my blog, hard work and other ideas I will be able to do the same.

My goal here is to integrate as many stories I can find from the past, present and even the future. With this I will write a small piece on them for posting not only for people with similar interest but also to inspire many others unlike us to use the internet for some real benefit. For my readers, the plan is to be “Producers and Not Consumers”,
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